Our Mission 

It is our Mission as a Content Curation Service to collect news, information, and other multimedia to save our viewers time, distractions, frustration of trying to find facts, stats, humor without the lies, propaganda, and hate spewed on some online media sources; so that, we may enlighten, educate, and entertain without the pain. Our aggregate is a quick snapshot of relevant current events gathered, organized, and presented in a timely fashion.

Our focus is on Politics, predominately yet not exclusively. Moreover, we will also produce some original content, plus interpretation, commentary, and opinionatedly funny yet insightful blog posts. Our bloggers have editorial freedom to pick their topics unencumbered by political affiliation or corporate constraints of advertisers. As we know truly free speech is not free, therefore we will depend on membership fees and donations.

We are a Mind Farm. We are all about the cultivation and growth of our minds by fostering an atmosphere of collective collaboration, and innovation of progressive ideas with positive solutions. We want to expand our minds by use of our moderated Forums, along with a Social Networking platform to connect with others; so that you may discuss or debate to interchange thoughts and opinions publicly, privately, but most importantly safely, without abuse, bullying, or ad hominin attacks.

Our goal is to be a vessel of truth in a think tank for the masses. No PhD required nor prohibited.