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Tomthunkit's Mind Diner™ (TMD) has a few main rules, and most are simply common sense:

1) Choosing A Username:
Do not select an offensive user name, nor impersonate someone else. Multiple user accounts are unacceptable. Registered users are only allowed one user account unless given permission. Creation of another account will gain you 1 warning.

2) Posting Content:
Do not 'flame' (insult) another user or anonymous users by harassment or by referring to sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, national origin, or disability.

Do not disrespect moderators or administrators either on the open board or in Private Message. Doing so will gain you a warning.

Absolutely No Bullying or Stalking. If someone ends a conversation with you do not continue to verbally abuse them with unwanted comments. Do not send inappropriate messages, photos or media in PM’s.

No advertising or product marketing: references (links) to personal sites are welcome.

Do not include URLs in subject lines.

No Spamming (do not post the same message repeatedly.)

DO NOT POST ALL CAPS in the subject line or body of your post; it's considered screaming. There are exceptions for being titles, short exclamations or postings from another source.

Refrain from including 'Adult Content.' We are a family friendly website. But if you must place a NSFW (Not Suitable For Work) or FAO (For Adults Only) warning in subject lines if you are posting such content in any forum.

Do not post unauthorized copyrighted media. You may however provide a link or embed it into the post.

3.) Reposting Content or Articles:
Posting an entire article is not allowed. Include only an excerpt or summary paragraph from the article and/or specific quotes of interest from the article. Articles must include a source link for further reading. Press releases may be posted in their entirely. Indicate the content is a press release and its source at the beginning of the content.

4) TMD's System Warnings
Can be given for: Creation of another account Disrespect of mod/admin on the board or in PM’s Discussing another user Discussion of moderation on the board Excessive deleted posts

At the moderator’s discretion a 1st warning = 3 days posting ban; 2nd warning = 7 days posting ban; 3rd warning = 30 days posting ban. After three warnings = 3 months to year, indefinite or permanent ban.

Please note: If warnings happen in a short period of time moderators may skip warning levels. Also, moderators will ban trolls immediately. Any ban can and will be at moderator’s discretion.

5) Cyber Security:
Do not post personal contact information such as addresses, telephone numbers, e-mails, your full name and passwords. Tomthunkit's Mind Diner™ is a public forum, and we want you and others to be as safe as possible and will remove information determined to be personal.

6) Zero Tolerance:
We have a zero tolerance policy for bullying or stalking. Offenders will be banned immediately and indefinitely. Moderators reserve the right to ban offenders from the board, temporarily or permanently, without warning. Any disciplinary action will NOT be discussed on the board or chat.

7) Disclaimer:
You participate and take responsibility for postings under your username and use the information provided on this message board at your own risk. Tomthunkit's Mind Diner™ takes no responsibility for the content or opinions posted here. If you see any offensive posts or have any question regarding any disciplinary action, contact us.