Button, button, who’s got the button…

Well, isn’t this nice? Two days into the “new” year of 2018 and our dear Orange Overlord has to threaten worldwide obliteration by entering into a dick measuring contest with North Korea’s “President” Kim Jung Un.

For his New Years address Li’l Kim opened up to possibly sending athletes to the Winter Olympic Games next door in South Korea, but then bragged about how he now has the “nuclear button” always on his desk, ready to press it against the nasty old imperialistic running dog hegemonic USA. Natch, our thin-skinned wannabe authoritarian Donnie Dollfingers couldn’t resist tweeting back utter stupidity about how HIS “nuclear button” is bigger, more powerful, and it always works.

Fun. In truth, I suspect we’d need an atomic microscope to measure these blowhards’ members (and Donnie Doublescoops sired FIVE kids). Mother of God, they’re toying with weapons that could potentially kill millions directly and devastate our planet’s ecology, at the minimum. This is hardly a joking matter. A President Hillary Clinton wouldn’t sink this low; but a President* Donald Trump has no bottom of his barrel. Hope you didn’t have any serious plans of living to see 2020…

And speaking of puerile sell-outs, Utah’s smarmy senior senator Orrin Hatch decided he had had enough of being the Senate’s oldest Repugnant at 83, so he’s bowing out of his 2018 re-election… And oddly enough, seconds after doing so, former Massachusetts governor and twice-failed presidential candidate Willard Mitt Romney (good ol’ Rombot!), a Utah native, magically changed his location on his Twitter page from Boston to Salt Lake City. I loathe the robotic drone of a man; I often draw him in strictly black and white as he lacks all color. But he hates our Tangerine Toddler Tyrant with the heat of a billion suns, so he’d be an UPGRADE as Utah’s new junior senator. (And “Obamacare”? By the way, in Massachusetts, as their governor, it was originally Romneycare. Oh.)

It’s the same rancid vinegar in a shiny new bottle, 2018; only it’s threatening to expire before December 31. Wheeee. Fun.

John Pierce
Starving cartoonist sans portfolio. Native Angeleno but I'll be mellow when I dead (thanks, Al Yankovic). I live to bully bullies!