Good help is hard to find, comrade

Mueller Time is getting closer and closer. Last Friday, while our Orange Overlord was flying off to greater Miami area to photo-op his grief over the Parkland high school gun massacre, special counsel Robert Mueller indicted some 13 people (a dozen of them Russian operatives) for their involvement with meddling in the 2016 election. And shortly after Donnie Doublescoops and his e’er more estranged Trophy Wife #3 made their eerie visit to the Parkland wounded, he scooted down to his precious “Winter White House,” his Mar-a-Lago golf resort, to spend the rest of the President’s Day weekend not golfing, sort of.

I wonder. Was he having staffing problems at his Mar-a-Shithole? Were there sudden vacancies from Boris and Natasha, maybe? We all know he hires out-of-towners to run his golf resorts and hotels. I wonder how many of them might be Russian?

Hey, just saying. I wouldn’t want to speculate here, like Donnie Dollfingers…

John Pierce
Starving cartoonist sans portfolio. Native Angeleno but I'll be mellow when I dead (thanks, Al Yankovic). I live to bully bullies!