Hello from the Untied Shitholes of America

Fucking Moron President* Shithole is categorically denouncing and denying that he ever besmirched Haiti and African nations as being shitholes, never mind the ample witnesses who can prove that he did so, repeatedly, without remorse, and on his own volition.

You know what? When I was a know-it-all jerk of a tween I’d drop an occasional vulgarity in my Mom’s presence, and rightfully offended, she’d march me to a bathroom and oblige me to stick a nice big bar of hand soap in my mouth. I can tell you from personal experience (1) never fully bite down, because it’s difficult to rinse out, and (2) as horrid as Lifebuoy tastes, Lava takes the (soap) cake in cleansing one’s vocabulary. (A real twist here? My nigh-76 mom will now often drop a F-bomb around me like she was saying “shucks”… And I stopped flinching about 30 years ago.)

My mom and stepmom both live in the philosophy that one is never too old to be spank, eh, disciplined. Our dear Orange Overlord is 71, and they’re each 75. I wonder how many bars of soap our National Embarrassment needs to clean up his toilet mouth? (Lather, rinse, repeat!)

No, no, President* Shithole; those other countries with poor non-whites might seem to be hellholes, because of their misery they’re suffering. But if you want to find yourself a shithole… You’re supposedly leading it.

Bite down really hard on that Lava, Dirty Donnie.

John Pierce
Starving cartoonist sans portfolio. Native Angeleno but I'll be mellow when I dead (thanks, Al Yankovic). I live to bully bullies!