Helluva job, Scotty!

Among the many suddenly endangered Cabinet members in our Orange Overlord’s corrupt crony cabinet is former Oklahoma AG Scott Pruitt, our esteemed industry lovin’, regulation cuttin’ director of the Environmental Protection Agency.

How bad of an EPA director is Snotty Scotty? Well, well. As OK’s Attorney General he was nominally the director of their state’s version of the EPA, so he scrapped it (just because he could!) and happily sued the federal version because he thought their regs were too abusive to his buddies in Big Oil and Big Coal and Big Frack. As Trump’s EPA Director, he’s racked up tons o’ frequent flyer miles in first class at our expense, ignored his duties in enforcing anti-pollution regulations and dangerously deregulated wherever he could, and he’s STILL suing the very agency he’s supposedly running. Oh, yeah, and he’s got sweet housing deal there in pricey D.C.; he’s rent a big bedroom suite from an oil lobbyist buddy for a mere $50 a month. Oh, no, no conflict o’ interest here!

Our state’s fair contribution to the Right Wing Nut Job (“RWNJ”) commentariat, Hugh Hewitt, tweeted today he’s heard rumors our Mango Mussolini wants to can Jefferson Beleaguered Sessions III and replace the dinky racist elf AG with Pruitt, so Snotty Scotty can fire Bob Mueller &c and nuke the Russiagate investigation.


John Pierce
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