Now watch the mushroom cloud

Dr. King must be rolling in his grave. We’re being lead by an Orange Overlord who’d rather fish errant drives out of a water hazard than show up to hand out food to needful families or help people on skid row, something that past REAL presidents did to honor our country’s great champion of civil and social rights. When the people in Hawaii were sent into a panic by an accidental nuclear bombing false alarm, our Dear Tweeter just shrugged and sliced another Titlist into the rough. When cornered about his white supremacist hatred he spewed while negotiating a DACA compromise that could also avert a government shutdown by this Friday, our Mango Mussolini doubled down on his spiteful, ignorant bile and claimed he was “the least racist person” in the world.

Today would have been Dr. King’s 86th birthday had he not been cruelly assassinated April 4, 1968. During his brief life, the Baptist minister fought for civil and social justice, for peace, and for basic human rights. Our country’s sad excuse for a chief executive is the living anti-thesis of Martin Luther King, Jr. And most sadly… He’s a fucking moron who’s actually PROUD of this.

Now… Watch the mushroom cloud.

John Pierce
Starving cartoonist sans portfolio. Native Angeleno but I'll be mellow when I dead (thanks, Al Yankovic). I live to bully bullies!