Oh, NOW you tell us?

Yesterday freshman Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) announced he won’t seek re-election in 2018, joining longer established Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) in an early retirement, and it’s largely because they just can’t stand the way their party’s nominal leader, our dear Orange Overlord Dotard Trump, has mangled, maimed, and mutated the Republican Party into a white supremacist wing-nut embarrassment.

They’re joining Flake’s elder senator, the brain cancer threatened John McCain, in no longer having any fucks to give about Donnie Dollfingers. Nice try, fellas… But you’re all ships arriving to save a drowning witch. Where the hell were you back in late 2015?

Natch, Deplorable Donnie isn’t taking this rejection very well. After all, we’re all supposed to love and worship him as our bestest most popular president ever! Only traitors would dare defy The Donald! We’ll see just how much he screams this as he’s stomping out the door for a permanent exile in Mar-A-Lago, with all the White House silver bulging out of his Gucci suitcases. (It isn’t Thanksgiving yet, but he is a long-history whiny quitter…)

It sure would have been nice for folks like Flake, Corker (who actively campaigned for Trump!), and McCain to call out the Grifter-in-Theft back before he launched his regal descent on his golden escalator. That would have us all a bigly amount of grief and sorrow, believe me!

John Pierce
Starving cartoonist sans portfolio. Native Angeleno but I'll be mellow when I dead (thanks, Al Yankovic). I live to bully bullies!