The party of Traditional Family Values needs to STFU already

It’d be amusing if it didn’t make my blood boil. Yet another champion of traditional family values, simplistic and ignorant hypocrite Rep. Blake Farenthold (Regurgitant-Texicana) (see also: Flounder) gets his flabby 10-gallon-sized ass snagged in sexual harassment charges, being investigated (by all forces!) the House Ethics Committee, so he’s obliged to… BAIL OUT, prematurely retire from his office before the 2018 election, like the tubby coward that he truly is.

Chairman Ann Coulter, our generation’s answer to Phyllis Schlafly, goes onto some fellow right wing nut job’s syndicated radio show and happily supports gunning down illegal immigrants to teach ’em dirty lawbreakers a lesson or two. This sorrowful excuse for a human being claims to be a Jesus-loving Christian, as do so many RWNJ “conservatives” and “Republicans.” Really? Who would Jesus shoot? Wouldn’t their purported savior encourage compassion and forgiveness to those less fortunate foreigners?

Enough blather already about those precious traditional family values, you creepy, life-hating hypocrites. It’s supposed Republicans who get caught tom-catting behind their spouses’ backs and secretly encouraging abortions they’re supposedly against for their cookies. It’s tough-talking commentators blowing bilge about smiting foreigners and victims for being foreigners and victims. Give it a rest. You needn’t wonder anymore why I gave up Christianity for Lent many moons back: People like Flounder and Chairman Ann are practically poster children for warped morality and ethics. If they’re going to “heaven,” “hell” is looking so much better every day.

Just STFU already. You vermin are clearly out of your element.

John Pierce
Starving cartoonist sans portfolio. Native Angeleno but I'll be mellow when I dead (thanks, Al Yankovic). I live to bully bullies!

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