Sorry to burst your bubble

It looks as though the bogus bull market bubble fostered by our Orange Overlord’s fat cat favoring policies is about ready to burst. For several weeks Donnie Dollfingers crowed incessantly about record breaking stock sales, but abruptly his buddies on Wall Street started selling stuff in what some brave souls dare to call a “market correction” (but what I fear is the edge of a new recession). And just as abruptly, Donnie Doublescoops is stunningly, eerily silent about Friday’s and today’s enormous sell-off. Hmmm.

In less depressing news, over on the sports page, Superb Owl LII happened Sunday, all friggin’ 10 hours of it (including six hours of tedious pre-game), and for once the right team finally won, the Philly Eagles humbling the e’er boastful, Trump-supporting, putrid New England Patriots. (The Pats had managed to claim five SB rings prior to last night’s game, and their “Patriot Nation” fans are often insufferable because of that.) No question the bestest QB for Wharton himself was truly wicked pissed that the Eagles (infamous for their own fan shenanigans) held out against his favorite team, especially their ball-deflating quarterback Tom Brady, eager to cheat Coach Bill Belachick, and never humble team owner Robert Kraft. It was pornographically fun seeing Brady sit there bewildered on the field as the Eagles’ colored confetti (green and white) rained down upon him.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the Super Bowl victory party will be in what’s left of Philadelphia Thursday, unless our economy totally tanks before then.

John Pierce
Starving cartoonist sans portfolio. Native Angeleno but I'll be mellow when I dead (thanks, Al Yankovic). I live to bully bullies!

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