STFU while you’re still behind, Herr Miller

So much fascism, so little time. Repulsive neo-Nazi wannabe Stephen Miller gets invited to CNN Jake Tapper’s Sunday show only to shove his feces-smeared jack boots into his gaping maw and is curtly excused from the show by Tapper who rightly complains that he’s “wasted enough of my viewers’ time with you.” Honestly, though, I hafta ask: Who in his/her right mind would want to book the baby Arian supremacist on a cable news squawk show, anyway? Maybe book the goon for a nice, long visit to a Club Fed, sure, but air his slime on TV? WHY?

Oh, yeah, sure and speaking of “very stable geniuses,” our Dear Tweeter just can’t contain himself in loathing for the great numbers of us who outwardly and properly loathe him. A news flash, our Orange Overlord: REAL geniuses are rarely stable, and they rarely advertise that they’re geniuses. Your own record mocks any claim of being, like, really smart and/or a successful businessman. I’ve seen rotting fence posts that could be deemed smarter. At least they haven’t blundered into six corporate bankruptcies.

Rex Tillerson was deadly accurate in describing his employer as a “fucking moron,” a term that seems to be in a strong CONSENSUS (not “consensual”) privately in his own crony cabinet. Maybe Herr Miller can take time to rationalize that in his next squawk box appearance?

John Pierce
Starving cartoonist sans portfolio. Native Angeleno but I'll be mellow when I dead (thanks, Al Yankovic). I live to bully bullies!