Uh-oh, I’m in Twitter jail!

(Cue the Dragnet opening.) Twitter, being a private enterprise and not a government entity, can practice sometimes arcane rules as to who gets to have access to its social media playground. Apparently some of my responses I’ve lobbed at President* Trump and conservative commentator Ann Coulter have crossed the line, and I’m temporarily “locked out” of the site’s discussion service for 12 hours, after “voluntarily” “deleting” my offending tweets.

Yeah, right. Please note that the trash talk I throw at these verminous jerks is strictly rhetorical. Keep in mind that either our Orange Overlord or dear Chairman Ann (or both) routinely post stuff that would make vultures vomit, and that their vile supporters tweet stuff that’s even worse. But, yeah, I’m the bad bully, so no tweets or direct messages for me until at least 11 PM tonight. For shame!

Oh, I know what’s really causing this; FEAR. THEIR FEAR. Neither Spanky or Horseface Coulter have made any attempt to block me; Twitter would have shown me that. It’s more like they’re seeing what’s happening to their Facebook rivals and they’re getting antsy. I’ll bet lunch I’m not the only crank getting yanked off Twitter; they’re not eager for the kind of Congressional attention Facebook has earned.

And yet… Our Mango Mussolini can tweet to the whole world about his intentions to bomb the tits off Syria and nobody cites him for direct violation of Twitter rules, nobody reports and blocks Donnie Dollfingers. In a push of a button he could kill us all (or at least make the survivors envy the dead) within 90 minutes. Hmmm…

Naw. No double standard here, huh? Say, do we get conjugal visits here in Twitter jail? Just curious.


John Pierce
Starving cartoonist sans portfolio. Native Angeleno but I'll be mellow when I dead (thanks, Al Yankovic). I live to bully bullies!

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