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  • 28 Texts From 2017 That Are Just Really, Really Funny December 17, 2017
    Texting peaked in 2017. The best kind of flower: Twitter: @SophieMartini Disappointment: Life-altering questions: Bianca the Single Lady: Facebook disasters: Twitter: @jbehrle3 Mom's microphone: Twitter: @AustintatiousT Great advice: Thoughtful monologues: Twitter: @michaelsana13 Cow conundrums: Twitter: @Itsyaaboysb Beautiful lyrics: Twitter: @_19NinetyFive Light chats with mom: Twitter: @luhnyny Wrong number aliens: Twitter: @quailtea […]
  • 32 Snapchats From 2017 That Will Make You Laugh Uncontrollably December 16, 2017
    Snap 2 live, live 2 snap. Hall Pass heroes: Twitter: @menshumor This important distinction: Twitter: @Lieberperson UP 2: UP HARDER. Dog watch 2k17: Twitter: @__amypound Clues of rain: Mondays, ya know: Father and son: This year's hottest outfit: Sweet l'il conversations: Twitter: @Garde_A The rudest tree: Me as a […]
  • 17 Text Messages That’ll Make You Be Like, “Ha” December 16, 2017
    Bless Becky’s heart. Sweet innocent Becky: Twitter: @NikkyRoberts I don't know about you, but I feel bad for both: Certainly there was a better time to ask this question: Smooth: When bae and your sister have the same name: This poor guy who tried to show off his broken phone: […]
  • Say Yes Or No To These Hot Athletes And Find Out If You'll Marry Rich December 12, 2017
    Let’s dig for some gold!
  • 22 Snapchats From 2017 That Will Make You Laugh Harder Than You Should December 12, 2017
    Who’s to say if 2018 can really top this year, tbh. This valiant attempt to get to the bottom of a pressing issue. Twitter: @carterscottkidd This boyfriend's caring nature. Twitter: @marissanpadilla And this son's admirable diligence. Twitter: @javierlerma234 This guy's pop-up appearance. Twitter: @Bishsicle This joke that went completely over the recipient's head. Twitter: @aallz__ […]
  • 50 Tweets That Made Women Piss Themselves With Laughter In 2017 December 11, 2017
    Just saw a 10 year old girl wearing a shirt with sparkles that said “doing my best” fucking same bitch, where’d you get that? Twitter: @danicarrington Twitter: @SleepyAlex_ Twitter: @kashanacauley
  • Cook Scrambled Eggs And We'll Reveal Your Best Quality December 10, 2017
    Let’s get crackin’!
  • 100 Genius Tweets From 2017 That Broke The 100K Retweet Barrier December 10, 2017
    I can’t believe this website is free. Twitter: @itssavannahxox Twitter: @BabyNewport Twitter: @jbehrle3 Twitter: @YungPakistani Twitter: @TheRealDerv Twitter: @jeff_jssj Twitter: @Strawburry17 Twitter: @Emma_The_Ward Twitter: @finah Twitter: @leoblakecarter Twitter: @LeoBlakeCarter Twitter: @brokeangeI Twitter: @britneydiane Twitter: @Spookygothgrama Twitter: @XLNB Twitter: @okaycornell Twitter: @LeoKolade Twitter: @Avery_Leilani Twitter: @Benoo_Brown Twitter: @JadoElizabeth
  • These 101 Tweets From 2017 Are So Funny, You'll Likely Fall Out Of Your Chair Laughing December 8, 2017
    “I wonder what it’s like to put your hair in a low ponytail and not look like a founding father.”
  • 24 People Who Seriously Needed To Calm The Fuck Down In 2017 December 8, 2017
    The madness needs to stop! Via r/madlads. This hardened criminal who shuns the rule of law. This father who is out of control! Twitter: @moi_cheree This madman who caused absolute chaos in the kitchen. And this super-random person who should forever be kept away from food. This rebel who will not be […]
  • 15 Things That 99% Of Us All Do, But Won't Admit To December 7, 2017
    Consider them the original life hacks. Storing shampoo bottles upside down so you can use every last Herbal Essence drop: Twitter: @javimezac And, when you're getting down to the wire, mixing water with the shampoo to make it last a liiiiiittle longer: And of course, doing the same thing for dish soap: Twitter: @EricaLauraG […]
  • 15 People Who Accidentally Texted Their Parents Embarrassing, Inappropriate, Or Fucked-Up Photos December 7, 2017
    I’m cringing on their behalf. This guy accidentally texted his mom a picture of his girlfriend with ropes attached to the headboard: Twitter: @WhiteKidCanJump This girl accidentally sent a picture of herself with a bong: Twitter: @lilsunbabe Twitter: @STRAYKlDSS And this girl accidentally sent her mom a pic of her "daddy:
  • Here They Are, The 17 Best "Ellen" Moments Of 2017 December 7, 2017
    Remember when Ellen caught that audience member stealing? When Ellen and Chris Pratt played "Speak Out" and couldn't stop laughing: When an audience member got caught on hidden camera taking a ~little~ extra swag: When Ellen scared poor Sarah Paulson over and over until she had to crawl under the table: And […]
  • 21 People Who Deserve To Have A Way Better 2018 December 7, 2017
    2017 has been a tough year for us all. The guy whose head did this. Twitter: @CadeHuckabay The friend who committed a little too much to dancing. Twitter: @lovelypay
  • Your Food Preferences Will Reveal Which State You Truly Belong In December 7, 2017
    Deliciously enticing.
  • This "Yes Or No" Quiz Will Officially Determine If You're A Hipster December 6, 2017
    Let’s settle this once and for all.
  • 17 Celebrity Moments From 2017 That Were So Awkward They Were Hilarious December 6, 2017
    RIP Nicole Richie’s sunglasses. When the actor who played Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls didn't recognize present-day Lindsay Lohan in a picture: Too Fab When Becky G was snatched off Fifth Harmony's stage by security...even though she opened for them: Twitter: @BeckyGFacts When Ellen forgot Katy Perry was once married to Russell Brand and questioned […]
  • "A Christmas Prince" Is So Bad It's Good And Here Are The Tweets To Prove It December 6, 2017
    Quite possibly the best worst Christmas movie ever made. Hello. I'm here today to talk to you about my new favourite movie, A Christmas Prince. If you've watched it, you understand how glorious it is. And if you haven't, well, you're missing out. See, it's about a ~quirky~ woman who is worse at being a […]
  • 21 People Who Clapped Back With Such Amazing Force In 2017 December 5, 2017
    It’s starting to feel a lot like shade-mas. When Wendy's dragged the competition: Via Twitter: @Wendys And served this delicious, highly seasoned roast: Via Twitter: @Wendys When Cher, in true Cher fashion, didn't hold back: Via Twitter: @cher And when Diplo one-upped Katy's burn: Via Twitter: @diplo When this model shut down someone trying to […]
  • Which Millennial Stereotype Are You? December 5, 2017
    It’s only eight questions — perfect for you lazy millennials.

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